Helpful Resources
Below are links to resources that will help you utilitze our web site. There is a search form for the Map Archives, a link to the Microsoft site where you can upgrade your browser or download a browser service pack, a glossary of GIS terms, and a few words about regularly scheduled system downtime.

Map Archive Search

The Map Archive database stores records to track map products authored by the LDEQ GIS Center. Database records span the years 1999-current. The Archive Map Search web pages were created to allow LDEQ staff and the public the ability to search these records. Click here to enter the Map Archive search page.

Glossary of GIS Terms

Instead of compiling our own glossary of GIS terms, we have assembled a collection of glossaries from other web sites around the Internet. Click here to view a list of glossaries.

Internet Browser Help

All of the map service software used at the LDEQ are simple web pages. Therefore, if you have any problems running a map service, the problem is likely with your web browser. This application requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (or newer) with scripting enabled.


Website Design
This site is designed for screen size 1280x800 pixels.




System Maintenance Schedule
The map servers are taken down for maintenance every week day between 2:30-6:30 AM CST. During these hours, internal ArcGIS Desktop data will be unavailable. However, rasters and the LIMA applications are unaffected by this and will remain online.